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We are now manufacturing the Enopte Power Station at our factory in Coolum Beach and deploying systems to a Virtual Power Station project in regional NSW

Here At ENOPTE We Innovate Smarter Technology To Monitor Manage And Optimise Your Energy Usage.

Developed, assembled and tested in Australia, our products provide energy management, storage, control, billing and metering.

Our passion is to educate the business and residential community and work together, creating a more sustainable and beneficial way of life.

ENOPTE has developed a unique solution to address the rising costs of power.

Through our Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) you pay zero costs for your solar energy management system. Or you can choose to finance or direct purchase.

About Us.

Enopte (Energy Optimisation Technologies) was founded by Mark Leckenby at Coolum Beach in 2014, with a vision to optimise solar, battery and energy management systems into a single package delivering affordable and reliable 24/7 electricity.

Enopte’s passion is to help facilitate sustainable clean energy production, whilst simplifying the experience for the end customer.

With the launch of the Enopte Power Station in 2019, the vision has been reached with packages now being offered to Tiny House, Residential and Commercial Customers.

At the heart of the Enopte Power Stations is the AuziMAX TM , EnMAX TM energy management and metering devices, optimising energy production and usage. The integrated PowerBlock energy storage system also ensures optimal battery cell balancing and lifecycle for the battery systems.

Enopte Power Stations can also be networked into micro-grids and Virtual Power Stations, simplifying the way energy is stored and distributed, without relying on fossil fuels.

Key Products In ENOPTE’s Platform Include:

ENOPTE Power Station TM :

Fully integrated Hybrid and Off-Grid Energy system.


20 channel energy monitor / controller.


Smart meter with integrated IOT Hub.


Stackable Lithium Battery system.


Cloud-based energy platform.

5 Innovations of Services

Commercial and Residential Solar PV Systems with Integrated Energy Manageme

Hybrid and Off-Grid solar systems

Strata Title and Micro-Grid Energy systems

Class 1 Metering systems

Energy As a Service (via ENOPTEs PPA license)

ENOPTE strives to provide solutions to the following key sectors.

Developed, assembled and tested in Australia, our products provide energy management, storage, control, billing and metering.


Mark is also the Founder of the “My Grid Community”, a network of community organisations working together to help drive the Noosa Shire Zero Emissions 2030 target for the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland Communities.

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We think ahead

ENOPTE (Energy Optimisation Technologies) was founded in 2014 at Coolum Beach Queensland.

ENOPTE has developed a smart grid platform optimising the way energy is consumed for business and residential sectors. At the heart of the products is the ENOPTE Power Station, an all in one energy storage system manufactured in Queensland.

Mark Leckenby


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Quality service and guidance provided by ENOPTE TEAM. The whole process was explained and done in a professional and satisfactory way, all the questions were answered promptly, highly recommended and after sales service is very good as well.

Fabrizio Ferretti

It was great dealing and made the process very simple, gave options which suited my budget and requirement. Team was very responsive & helped me with all the queries .Highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking to get Solar installed & Energy Management work done.

Mke Ross

From quote to installation we had a very positive experience. The price was good, they explained everything to us and they installed it in a timely manner. Their work was tidy and I feel they went above and beyond on installation day.

John P.

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