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Off Grid Solar Systems

We are the leading manufacturer of off-grid solar systems, having worked directly with some of the biggest companies worldwide. We offer off-grid solar panels to many customers ranging from residential, regional, remote, and commercial properties. We have developed the finest standalone power stations that serve as monitors, especially at remote locations.

To us, every project is unique, and we strive to offer our customers a service that can trust. Designing a solar system required a lot of skill and knowledge, keeping customer preferences in mind. Some of the finest technicians design our custom-design solar. and that’s what sets us apart.

Recently there has been a massive demand for off-grid power systems that have given rise to many manufacturers. At Enopte we aim to offer the best, unlike other manufacturers who have no experience. Our experts have years of experience, and we deploy our expertise for every project we undertake.

Some manufacturers do not take caution or plan for their installation. This may lead to several problems in the future. Panels that are installed incorrectly and without the correct examination can lead to severe issues. We assure quality work, and our experts start their projects only after carefully examining the property and surrounding area. Some formulas and values have to be ascertained before starting the installation procedure and we make sure we covers everything Below we have explained briefly what an off-grid solar consists of so that you understand the benefits and advantages.

What is an Off-Grid Solar Power System

Off-grid solar systems are also known as standalone solar systems as they offer electricity in areas with no grid power available. There are four components in an off-grid solar system. It consists of a roof, a battery bank where the energy is stored, a diesel generator, and a charger. The charger acts as an interface between the different inputs.

We at Entope have designed energy in such a manner that it can power up your entire home both efficiently and effectively.

The new generation off-grid system is quite efficient when compared to the old generation models. The new-generation system can be maintained very quickly as it runs automatically. The system can be monitored throughout and controlled online, which is a feature that provides complete simplicity. As compared to the older generation off-grid power system, the quality of the new model’s power is relatively better and efficient.
At present there are so many options available for off-grid solar systems that it becomes hard to choose the right one.

To make the best use of these systems, it is essential to ensure your property’s energy situation and where you want to install. If you are not connected to a power supply or wish to disconnect one, then off-grid solar systems are the perfect solution for you.

There are several benefits of an off-grid system that more people are considering. We offer after-sales services throughout the lifetime of the systems to ensure our customers face problems or challenges. The systems we offer are automated and require significantly less maintenance. To ensure everything is working as expected, regular checkups are initiated.

Remote and automated systems

These systems are a mix of different technologies, so the efficiency and maintenance required to run them are minimal. These systems are designed to be maintenance-free. They can automatically switch off pumps and backup the generators when required. These systems are being used worldwide for its benefits and automated features.

The autonomy of an off-grid solar system

An off-grid solar system has at least 1.5 days to 2 days of autonomy in the battery. This is with just the battery, but if there is a generator, it will last longer. With a battery backup and generator running, it is estimated to run for 4 to 5 days. The autonomy time is directly proportional to the daily usage time. This also means that if the weather is not good because of low sunlight, you will still get enough power to power up all your devices throughout the day without facing any issues.


At Enopte, we assure to offer batteries that are efficient and maintenance-free. Lithium-Ion batteries have recently been tested and have proved to be very beneficial. Lithium-ion batteries offer performance at a different level altogether. A good battery can offer around 4500 to 5000 very satisfactory life cycles. At Entope, we assure our batteries are top class providing innumerable life cycles to last a lifetime.

If you are using a high-quality battery and charger unit, then the life cycles can increase tremendously. It is advised to use the best battery and charger unit for a safe and secured experience. Batteries are measured as per the rating. The C rating in batteries means the total storage capacity that is measured in Amps.
Two types of current run the solar system. These two types are better known as DC coupled and AC coupled.

DC Coupled Systems

In the DC-coupled system, the energy flow from the solar panels to the MPPT charge controller makes its way to the battery. A DC-coupled system helps to minimize the conversion losses as it flows straight to the batteries

AC Coupled Systems

In an AC coupled system, an AC inverter is installed to turn the DC power from the panel to AC power. An AC coupled system has fewer conversion losses. This is because power does not need to go through the battery but instead the system. The power from the batteries is drawn only at nighttime.

Several solar grids work on both the couples’ systems. This is for customers who are looking for the best utilization for both systems. In these systems, the DC side fills up the battery for the nighttime, whereas the AC side covers the entire load on the day. These methods of using both systems have proven to be very beneficial and are being widely used.

At Entope, we arrange custom-made solar panel systems for our customers, offering everything that is required. Our experts first assure the property is fit for the project and then start their work. Our professionals also visit the property to ensure everything is ok before the start of the installation.

Installation Process

The process of installing an off-grid solar panel requires knowledge and experience. It is advised to get the work done by professionals. At Entope, we offer off-grid solar systems and expertise in offering customers installation services. Our experts first visit the location and analyse the property for better installation. Once the project has started, our experts ensure to offer their service throughout the week or until the project is complete. Experts at Entope start with first connecting the battery with the system and the house. They then charge the unit and test it for night use.

The load side of the system is connected to the switchboard. Ensure you connect it to the main switchboard for the best results. The inverter and the solar system are connected through a network cable. This network cable allows the central system and the inverter to adjust power and supply to optimize usage. This will also offer you the best residential off-grid energy.


The off-grid power systems offered by us are entirely automated to offer you control from anywhere. For online monitoring, you will require a hardwire internet connection. This will allow you to control the entire solar panel remotely. To date, we are one of the most trusted providers of off-grid systems in the whole of Australia. Our products and services to consumers are unmatched, offering 24/7 customer support and after-sales services.

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