Virtual Power Plant

Virtual Power Plant

A virtual power plant works remotely, combining several resources from in and around the location and creating a network. This way, a virtual power plant can offer the entire network 24 hours of power. This entire network procedure and distribution of electricity is done through a smart grid system that relies heavily on software. The virtual power system concept references the traditional idea of relying on a central system for predictable power.

With an increase in the use of electricity systems, worldwide, virtual power plants have evolved. At Entope, we strive to work hard to offer customers more intelligent energy for the future. The Virtual Power system is a much-enhanced system offering electricity solutions to an extensive network. The virtual power plant is no longer and unknown technology, making it a reality for many. With practical examples all over Australia and other countries, Virtual Power plants have the scope to transform the way we generate energy.

Below we will explain how a Virtual Power Plant works. The procedure is very straightforward. This system of saving electricity is believed to be one of the most resourceful currently available. With many houses connected to a single plant, it reduces the load on grids during peak hours.

How does a Virtual Power plant work?

    • Virtual Power Plant is an integrated system consisting of many grids monitored by the central system present in the virtual power plant. Customers here first choose to share their control of the resource such as the batteries or the Solar PV. The control is shared with the aggregator or retailer of the current location.
    • The aggregator can now combine the different resources from all customers and balance the energy by offering electricity on demand. This can be done by fluctuating the supply when required.
    • Customers can save a lot of their electricity by combining with an extensive network and offering electricity for sharing. They can receive the right amount of electricity when required and store it when the requirements are reduced for future use.There is an immense benefit of a Virtual Power Plant. Apart from offering a balanced supply of electricity, they can help save a lot of money by using cleaner energy resources. Below are some of the benefits of a Virtual Power Plant system.

Benefits of Cost:

There is a massive benefit of cost for customers who join the VPP network. Their energy, when distributed, can be compensated for, which is rewarding and cost-effective. The system of VPP involves significantly less cost as the entire system, such as the solar panels and batteries, are already owned. The entire system works automatically, which helps save a lot of money for customers.
Once you enter the network, your electricity is managed by a bigger system that assures security. We offer a comprehensive benefit on the cost of joining a VPP network. Our experts ensure that the entire system is set up at the minimum cost.


Using electricity from a Virtual Power Plant system offers a stable electricity supply by automatically monitoring the flow of electricity at all times. Storing and sharing of renewable resources can help stabilize the supply. The Virtual Power Plant aggregator ensures that every customer receives a stable network.
At Entope, we continuously monitor the supply of electricity and offer the right amount of this resource when required. Allowing customers to save electricity and use it later is a fascinating feature of the VPP system.

Cleaner form of energy:

Virtual Power Plants offer cleaner energy resources that can be stored and used in the future. This renewable resource offers customers a cleaner and safer form of energy. You can increase your network by adding more solar PVs quickly. The Virtual Power Plant can easily handle the number of solar PVs.

This energy resource is future proof and the best alternative. We offer the best services for our customers, ensuring they benefit in every possible way. Our system involves a clean and safe form of energy that is renewable and cost-effective. Our experts have worked hard to find a renewable energy source that can offer greener and cleaner electricity.

VPPs Market in Australia:

Through the years, Australia has seen tremendous growth in the virtual power plant system. There are several reasons why Australia has the largest number of VPPs set up. There is enough sunshine here, and the country has a vast number of solar systems already integrated into many residential and commercial outlets. The country is very excited to explore the new renewable resource method; so many VPPs are growing worldwide.

Several examples will state why the country is increasing its demand for VPPs. Both South Australia and Canberra have seen tremendous growth over the years.

South Australia:

In the year 2019, around 1100 public housing properties were fitted with solar and battery storage systems. These housing properties were the first to go under VPP trial under the government.


The next-generation Energy storage Program has installed a 600-battery storage system. In Tasmania, CONSORT is running a battery trial coordinating with 40 systems. This will reduce the congestion on the undersea power supply cables.

At Entope, we are following the same steps of our government initiatives to make this renewable energy a way of life. We offer the best VPP systems that have an integrated network of small and large properties. We at Entope hope for more intelligent energy in the future, so we work hard to provide the best VPP services to our customers.

Virtual power can help solve our energy needs:

It is essential to have a more resilient grid in the coming years to slow the pace of climate change and cope with its disasters. One of the best ways of doing this is by making the power plants virtual. With the increase in demand, stabilizing the grid becomes very challenging. Disasters like wildfire and hurricanes are common in Australia that can knock down several grids along its path.

Gradually we see that the prices of solar units and batteries are decreasing due to the increase in demand and several years of research and technology. This has led many homeowners and businesses to choose solar power as their driving energy. This renewable energy offers homeowners and businesses the chance to store and save electrical energy. With the increase in demand, there are now many start-ups all around Australia offering Virtual Power Plant facilities.

We offer the most technologically advanced power management system controlled by our Virtual Power plant-offering customers light throughout the day. Our systems are backed up by experts who study by monitoring the customer’s grid in the network to provide uninterrupted services.

With Virtual Power Plant, we can supply stable electricity to innumerable housing and commercial sectors in the network. Our mission is to offer our service to customers all over Australia, and we are developing our systems at a fast rate to meet the increasing demands.

Virtual Power Plants approach is quite different. Rather than managing an entire grid, which is highly populated, it aggregates thousands of smaller installations and through software and various programs to interact with the grid system. The process is much similar to that of a large conventional power plant.

With the introduction of Virtual Power Plants, residents in Australia have seen a 20% drop in their electricity. VPPs help stabilize the grids by charging and discharging batteries rapidly in case there are any disruptions. A Virtual Power Plant has significantly fewer chances of failure, unlike a conventional plant. This is because VPPS are distributed over a large area, and it is always online.

Virtual Power Plants are advanced when compared to the conventional power plant system. VPPs can be installed rapidly by adding small-scale units and increasing the network in no time. This process would take years in a conventional power plant as it is hard to add small scale units to increase the network.

Though several challenges will arise, we at Entope are ready to face them to offer our customers the right method of using electricity. With the system being new, there are at present no rules and regulation for this kind of peer to peer power trading setups.

We at Entope are working hard and trying to catch up with the technology to offer people a renewable form of electricity rather than using it the traditional way. Several growth measures have been put forward by the government, such as Federal Energy Regulatory recently announcing that the prices for Virtual Power Plants should be the same as traditional power suppliers.

The process might take some time to eradicate the traditional method of using electricity. The developments and research show promising results and hope to offer people a better future that is sustainable.

According to the government regulations, we work by offering customers the best Virtual Power Plant facilities that are unmatched and come with several benefits. We believe in offering our customers cleaner, greener, and resilient grids that outperform the traditional grids used to provide electricity.

At Entope, our team of experts has designed several VPPs that can offer services to innumerable properties all around Australia. Several plants are already set up all over Australia, and we hope to serve other nations in the future. Virtual Power Plants are the future as it offers a cleaner and renewable energy that is unmatched.

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